Have you ever experienced a sudden loss of muscle in spite of your regular workouts? What do you think the reason was? It’s only because of the protein deficiency in your diet. Protein is an essential macronutrient in our day to day life, but we fail to consume the necessary amount of protein throughout the day.

Particularly, if you are a bodybuilder you need an intake of 1.4 to 2 grams of protein per kilogram, i.e., 13 to 18% of your total calories. Protein powders are the best way to keep up with your protein requirements as it is quick to both consume and digest. Here we are going to see why hemp protein powder is the best choice to meet your protein goals?

What is Hemp?

Hemp is derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant a.k.a Hemp plant, which is often confused with marijuana. But, the Cannabis family has several different breeds, and hemp is a non-drug variant planted for its fibers and seeds. It is one of the high protein content seed as it has 33% protein and gives 11g of protein per 30g. Hemp is a raw and natural form of protein and is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which enables muscle gains by fragmenting calories stored as fat into muscles.

Hemp aids the vegan lifestyle:

There may be days where you feel that your body is not showing the apt result for the number of hours you are sweating at your gym, just ‘cause of your vegan lifestyle. Vegetarians usually miss out on their protein content, as they must have excess calories to meet their protein target. So, hemp protein powder is the best solution to boost your protein consumption on a daily basis. It is the best source of protein for vegans and is available at an affordable price on Health Horizons.


Soy protein powders are vegan and have a high content of protein than hemp, then why should you choose hemp over them? Soy, apart from having its protein content, is also allergen prone. On the contrary, hemp is highly hypoallergenic, gluten-free, cholesterol free and dairy free.  Also, meat eaters who are allergic to gluten and dairy can use hemp to uplift their protein consumption.

Aids digestion:

The significant feature of protein powders is that they are most suitable for our fast-moving lifestyle and are easily ingestible. While other protein powders may still give you some digestive upsets and bloating issues; hemp powders consist of Edestin, a protein similar to the protein in the human body, and enables a faster digestion process. Hemp protein powders are best-taken post workout as it gives your body the required nutrients.

Easy on your taste buds:

A major problem with natural protein powders is, they leave a sour taste and smell of rotten milk in your taste buds. And, it is not something you may like to have posted your workout. On the other hand, hemp has a nutty flavour and is better tasting than other natural protein powders. This makes it much easier for you to consume, and it only gets better when mixed with orange juice and fruits. Hemp protein powders never leave anything other than protein in you.

I found it really difficult to manage my protein and calories until I started using a hemp protein powder, so now it’s your time to stop giving excuses and start building your muscles.

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