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Sativa hemp protein powder is a concentrated source of protein from hemp seeds. It’s completely free from dairy and lactose, vegan-friendly and a great addition to any healthy diet.

Our sativa hemp protein powder premium and amino dense. It contains all the 20 amino acids which make a perfect deal for children, athlete, vegans, and vegetarians. It has all the essential fatty acids (Omega-3, Omega -6 & Omega 9) that makes the digestion process easy. And it helps in giving you a magical touch to your favorite beverage with a mild taste with a creamy texture.

Sativa hemp protein powder packs a healthy punch of dietary fiber, chlorophyll, minerals and antioxidants without any saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium or sugar. Just add it to your shake or blend it with Yogurt and hot cereals for a perfect meal replacement diet.


Why Choose Sativa Hemp Protein Powder?
  • Our Sativa Hemp Protein powders are purely natural and Plant-based protein.
  • Made from grinding the hemp seeds, Sativa hemp protein powder is full of essential fats and vitamins. In fact, hemp protein contains all 20 amino acids, including all 9 essential amino acids.
  • If you are feeling low, exchange your daily dose of caffeine for hemp protein as they produce twice as much energy as carbohydrates.
  • Called as natures super food, it includes all muscle-building amino acids such as branched-chain amino acids (BCAA).
  • Hemp protein cleanses the colon and it’s high fiber concentration also lowers risk of developing diarrhea or hemorrhoids.
  • Consumption of Sativa hemp protein powder regulates your cholesterol level thus preventing cardiovascular diseases.
  • You can go beyond shakes and just as easily add hemp protein powder in other dishes like breakfast porridge or in the soup for dinner.

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