Our Story

Our Story:

Our ancestors loved the benefits of Sativa (Hemp) and so do we, the founders of Hemp Horizons Pvt. Ltd. We have had a long relationship with Sativa (Hemp); using its products and hence, are aware of the incredible benefits it imparts.

Therefore, we decided to bring this incredible knowledge back to the people, educate them on this miracle plant, its uses and offer top of the line natural products for a more wholesome and balanced nourishment.

Hemp Horizons Pvt. Ltd. is in the research of natural Sativa (Hemp) while Health Horizons, an initiative by Hemp Horizons Pvt. Ltd., takes this research forward by bringing natural Sativa (Hemp) products to the Indian market, thus providing everyone with the benefits this magical plant offers. Our team has set up a state of the art and first of its kind manufacturing facility in India. We are excited to introduce world class Sativa (Hemp) products to the Indian market.

 We are dedicated to create awareness among the people on the tremendous benefits of this plant and make them readily available in different varieties of super foods.

India has tireless seekers of natural, pure and delicious foods that will nourish their bodies. To put an end to this seeking, we have dedicated ourselves to research and discover the healthy eating habits of our ancestors dating back to the “Vedic Age”.

In this journey, we found that Sativa (Hemp) is one among the five sacred plants mentioned in Vedas. Our products are natural, easy to use and are a delicious addition to your diet.

 We understand that change is hard and our vision will take time to shape as we intend it to be. Hence for success, we have devoted ourselves to a dream, a mission; to bring nourishment, well-being and balance to the community.


We are taking orders and shipping regularly now after a short span of disruption in services due to government restrictions around COVID-19. Shipping of our products has started under the essentials services scheme and all health safety guidelines are followed by our courier partner to deliver orders.

We still encourage our customers to place PREPAID orders just to be extra careful by avoiding exchange of currency notes. NO HUMAN TOUCH as they say!

For any assistance, please write to us at  info@thehealthhorizons.in.