Hemp Horizons is a GMP certified, USFDA approved hemp seed processing company. Rohit Shah, Kartikey Dadoo, and Kanishk Yadav founded it in April 2017.

Hemp Horizon contract manufactures hemp products and owns a brand called Health Horizons. Under its Health Horizons brand, Hemp Horizons sells top of the line hemp products. The company achieved its goal by researching machines that can make hemp products. Hemp Horizons manufactured its first such machine in India after eight months of extensive research. The company is also procuring raw materials needed to produce hemp goods. 

Hemp Horizons began researching Ayurveda to convince authorities about hemps benefits.  Subsequently, the company received its first license in May 2018 from the Ministry of Ayush in UP. Under the permit, Hemp Horizons could process hemp seed.

The company launched three products including the Sativa Hemp Nubs (Hemp Hearts), Sativa Hemp Powder, and Sativa Hemp Oil. Quickly its product range grew to ten, all made from hemp and in the personal care range.   

Early in the company’s journey sales were limited, expenses high, and finding the right audience to market proved challenging. The company adopted a hit and trial approach to marketing. Because the company was the first in its industry, it was the first to face challenges none had encountered earlier. The company’s leaders had to find the right data sets, geographical locations, and the right target audience to whom it could market products. 

The company’s most significant advantage is that it is a manufacturer. As a manufacturer, the company has grown considerably over the past eight months. It supplies to wholesalers and upcoming edible hemp brands. Also, it has helped hemp entrepreneurs focus on marketing and sales. At the same time, it provides end-to-end solutions for manufacturing and packaging. 

Today Hemp Horizons is a contract manufacturer for 5-7 Indian brands. The company’s leadership envisions Hemp Horizons becoming the most significant hemp contract manufacturing company in India and an enterprise that helps new brands flourish. By paving the way for new brands to thrive, Hemp Horizons expects to lower the cost of making hemp products making hemp products more affordable to the masses. 

Importantly, Hemp Horizons was created to give back to the community. Its leadership is concerned about the ecological damage caused by human action. Hemp Horizons makes optimum use of resources and produces zero waste. It is a carbon-negative company as it facilitates the cultivation of hemp, a plant that, per acre, absorbs 22 tons of carbon in its lifecycle. The company’s actions result in the reduction of carbon in the atmosphere.


To create awareness about the benefits of hemp and nurture the industry.


To create the most excellent hemp-based products and help nascent hemp businesses thrive.

  • A GMP certified company 
  • USFDA approved brand
  • A carbon-negative company
  • A zero-waste producer  
  • A pioneer in the domestic hemp industry  
  • The only manufacturer that is a contract manufacturer to Indian brands and that has its brand
  • The company’s scale is unmatched in India