Multiple variants of oils are available in the market; each quoting a separate list of health benefits attached to their side. When it comes to complete nutrition, hempseed oil is surely a front-runner in the department. This blog, helps you take a quick look at what we know about hemp seed oil.

Introduce yourself to hemp seed oil

Hemp seed oil, extracted from hemp seeds is nature’s perfect food for mankind. Due to its balanced omega fatty acids, hemp oil is the one among the richest source of oils on the planet. The ideal 3:1 ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 is found in hemp seeds which is the optimal value as per WHO’s recommendation. With such nutritional benefits, it is hard to take a pass on this absolutely healthy hemp oil.

Nutritional profile

The oil contains all essential amino acids and essential fatty acids necessary to sustain a living. 80 percent of essential fatty acids are present in hemp alone, making it the highest concentration seen among all plants. If you have read out blogs, you are already familiar that essential amino acids need to ingested as our own bodies are incapable of producing them.

It is your responsibility to ensure the intake of omega-rich foods in our diet. We might not be able to receive them for our regular food options. So, we are forced to turn towards superfoods which manage to provide us with all the necessary nutrition.

Usage of Hemp seed oil

The cold-pressed hemp seed oil finds its application on all skin types to even out skin tones and treats acne. It also doubles up as an essential oil or massage oil when you require. You can use hemp seed oil as salad-dressings, for sautéing purposes and skincare. An industrial use of hemp oil is its capability to be used as a varnish for wood.

Every day, you must swallow hemp oil after it has been placed under your tongue for about 60-90 seconds. That way, you get to receive fatty acids for your body directly on a daily basis.

Why should I use hemp?

The hemp plant is one of the first cultivation crops in history and it contains a rare protein, globule edestins in them. This can also be seen in hemp oil as it helps in boosting immunity and restoring health to your body.

Hemp oil is the most balanced and single natural source of essential oils. Deficiency in omega-3 & 6 can lead to various health issues such as growth retardation, weakness, loss of vision and hair, behavioral issues, etc. There are numerous health impairments you expose yourself to; when there are no polyunsaturated fats in your body.

To avoid such scenarios, it is ideal to add hempseed oil to your diet. Like olive oil, it is cholesterol-free and sugar-free too. Both heart patients and diabetics can consume this oil for better health results. Adding hemp oil to your daily planned diet meals, also ensure your body loses weight naturally. It is great for your cardiovascular health and prevents certain forms of cancer –thanks to its ideal Omega 3 & GLA content.

I could go on and on about hemp seed oil. Since I have left you with enough data to read about, it would be wise to stop here. Being a protein source, hemp seed oil helps you lead a healthier lifestyle amidst all chaos. Always remember this single mantra: EAT BETTER. FEEL HEALTHY. Whenever you feel like you are brought down by junk food, take a chance on hemp and allow it to transform you. Further, do let us know how your life turned out with hemp oil.

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