Hemp has been a controversial topic and a taboo for many in India. In this blog, let’s crash those myths regarding our favorite Superfood – Sativa powder (Hemp protein powder), a Health Horizons product with evidence and research.


Sativa powder gets you high

Hemp has very low contents of THC that the human body processes it faster than it gets absorbed. Sativa protein can never give you a high as it does not contain this psychoactive compounds in its product. It’s a complete waste of time to consume Sativa powder for an elevated brain state. Cos you ain’t getting one.


Sativa powder tastes like dirt

Your pleas are loud and clear but we beg to differ. It is a common misconception that vegetable protein powders do not taste very good. Which is absolute nonsense? Sativa Powder has an earthy flavor that complements any drink or smoothie. It is the perfect complement to chocolate, coffee or any berry flavors in your beverages/foods. Adding hemp protein powder does not mask existing flavours that are already present in your meal. This is a huge bonus for persons who do not like compromises on taste.


Animal protein is better than Hemp protein

There are numerous varieties of Animal proteins and other vegan options to choose from in various supermarkets. Animal protein causes intolerance and allergies in certain people. When you are lactose intolerant, you can’t consume whey protein as their protein are obtained from cheese supplements.

Plant proteins are off to your rescue. Hemp protein powder especially Sativa powder can easily digest and can be consumed by each and every one. These are packed with nutrients and low saturated fats that you easily can get from animal foods. They also produce antioxidants, pre and probiotics, and digestive enzymes that you wouldn’t normally find in animal-based protein supplements. Proving that Sativa powder is better than.


Hemp protein is only for vegans

Sativa powder has Omega 3+6 fatty acids in their nutrition. It is hard to come across foods that contain both Omega 3 and 6, hence the food product cannot be associated with vegans alone. Everyone is welcome to try this hemp protein and enjoy its benefits, despite your meal preferences


Hemp protein does not build muscles normally.

No fitness conversation is complete without the word “muscle” in it. Everything that we want to do, includes muscles in some way or the other. After grueling work-out sessions, the body needs protein to repair and build leaner muscles. The need for protein rises during this event and a plant protein like hemp protein powder helps the cause.

A study compared animal and plant powder to break this myth. Two groups of men had their muscle mass measured after a course of 8 weeks and the results saw no change in their weight in spite of different protein sources.


Sativa isn’t complete proteins

The most common myth for hemp protein is that plant protein consumed by humans can’t be complete. If you break down a protein, it contains 20 amino acids that are essential to the human body. Our body is capable of producing a few, while the rest needs to be taken from supplements and diet.

Sativa/ Hemp is the only plant protein that has essential amino acids our bodies fail to produce. By incorporating hemp protein you are taking care of your body for all its amino acids.


Hemp protein is expensive

When you are on a diet, the key is planning. You must incorporate hemp products in your meals on a daily basis. As you cannot take more than what our body requires, it is necessary to plan your meals surrounding your protein needs. Sativa Hemp powder is considerably cheaper than other protein powders available in the market. You can enjoy the  vegan protein powder with better benefits at a reasonable price as you can never measure the worth of health.


Now that I have cleared your doubts on Sativa powder, go ahead, try it yourself and let us know of what you think. We, at Health Horizons, are working tenaciously to help you enjoy the benefits of all our hemp products.

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