Do you think hemp will make you fail your drug test? Hemp is indeed derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant. But, hemp doesn’t get you mentally high, and will not fail you in a drug test. Hemp being under the shadow of marijuana is the primary reason we turned a blind eye to its benefits.

Hemp seeds are small, high in proteins, fibre, and healthy fatty acids with a nutty flavour. And, it is a quintessential product that should be part of your regular life, particularly if you are a vegan. Here we look at the various health benefits of hemp.

Best plant source protein:

Hemp is the best protein source for vegans, as a substantial amount of its calorie comes from protein. It also has better protein content than chia seeds or flax seeds, making it the best vegan based protein source. The nutty flavour also makes it easy to be mixed or sprinkled in your smoothie and salads.

Unsaturated Fats:

Our body is not capable enough to produce certain essential fatty acids, like Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which have rich nutrition content and protect against heart diseases. Hemp seeds have these essential unsaturated fats that maintain the ratio of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty oils in your diet. These oils also promote brain development and immune system health during pregnancy and early stages of growth.

Skin Benefits:

The lipids present in the hempseed oil are similar to that in the human skin, this makes hemp oils act as the best moisturizer without clogging your skin. The skin-friendly vitamins in hemp have anti-ageing properties which rejuvenate your skin, and it gives a soothing effect to your skin by reducing acne. Hemp oil applied on your skin or taken orally displays the same result on your skin.

Promotes Hair Growth:

Hemp oils are the best solution for your hair problems as it has the antioxidant that prevents hair breakage. It also improves the blood circulation to the scalp, which adds shine and moisture to your hair. Hemp strengthens the fragile strands in your hair and makes it thicker. The Vitamin E in hemp protects hair from split ends and maintains the vibrant colours.

Available in all forms:

Hemp and its health benefits are wide-spreading now, hemp now is available in different forms. Hemp can be used as protein powders in our milkshakes and smoothies, or hemp, as oil can be applied for the nourishment of our hair and skin and hemp seeds, are added to all our foods to add a nutty flavour. Various hemp-based products are also now purchasable from Health Horizons. Right now, you know the various benefits of hemp, do share how hemp was helpful in your regular life.

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