If you have been reading Health Horizons blog posts in the past weeks, you are well-aware of hemp and its multiple benefits. With the emergence of various superfoods available everywhere, recently, chia seeds and flax seeds have become competitors with each other for your wellness.
Super seeds are high in nutrition and there are many varieties in the commercial space. It is not difficult to get confused on what works best for your body. In order to help you with your choices, we have put together this review article where you can logically compare the two popular super seeds: hemp seeds and chia seeds.


Hemp has a pleasant nutty taste and crunchy texture, unlike other seeds. A handful of hemp seeds can be consumed raw before a workout to aid digestion and repair muscles. The taste is subtle, so it can easily complement any type of food/beverage. You can also make hemp milk with hemp seeds and replace conventional dairy products with it.

When we consider nutrients present in hemp, they offer a huge variety in considerable proportions. In addition to providing omega fatty acids and essential amino acids, hemp seeds are rich in vitamins, magnesium, and anti-oxidants. High GLA content in hemp has anti-inflammatory properties that are useful to our body. Furthermore, conjugated linolenic acid (CLA) is also present in hemp seeds that helps in building cell membranes.


Hemp products like hemp seed oil, hemp seeds and hemp protein powder help you consume these nutrients in many forms. Ayurvedic benefits of Hemp are documented by Indian Scholars and hemp is listed under Ayurvedic products too. Don’t be shocked to see hemp under the Ayurvedic category.

Myths surrounding hemp might waiver your mind and that’s understandable. Ignorance is not always bliss and don’t draw conclusions on just personal opinions of others. Scholarly articles have proven the health benefits of hemp seeds and its products. Also, we were just one step away from shoving them to the side.

To avoid such mishaps, take time to read our other blogs where we have focussed on hemp alone.


Chia seeds taste more like dried poppy seeds and are dense and small. When soaked, chia seeds resemble tapioca pearls, soft and easy to chew. Due to this texture, it can be used in green tea to enjoy the taste of Bubba tea. Similar to hemp, chia also does provide Omega fatty acids 3+6 in desired amounts. Chia seeds are particularly known for their rich fiber content than hemp seeds.

Like hemp, they also share a good amount of health benefits. Chia seeds prevent diabetes, aging, and cardiovascular diseases. It can also treat cervical and breast cancers. Also called as “nature’s high oxidant foods”, chia can prevent premature skin from free radical damage.

Aztec Warriors ate Chia for high energy and endurance. It is a versatile ingredient that can be added to any food and it packs a bunch of energy-boosting power.


Both hemp and chia seeds are

  • Complete proteins that provide all essential amino acids.
  • Plant-based natural sources
  • Dairy-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Contains Omega 3+6
  • Sources of high protein and dietary fiber
  • Available commercially
  • Preferred by vegans generally



Based on the nutrition chart seen above, it is clear that hemp seeds win in the nutrition department. Hands down. Hemp seeds are rich in essential fats and high amounts of vitamin E, sulfur, and zinc. Additionally, it contains 30% more fat and 25% of calories are from a high-quality protein as opposed to the normal 16-18% from chia seeds.

Since the nutrition profiles are kind of similar, it is better to mix the superfoods in our daily meal. One day, add hemp to your smoothie, the next, add chia to your oatmeal breakfast. This way, you let yourself benefit from both super seeds.

It is also seen that chia seeds are cheaper than hemp hearts. Based on your economic status, you can afford super seeds in multiple price variants. This again is a personal choice and don’t let anyone push their opinions onto you.



Flax Seed- Whenever a comparative study is done, flax seeds are never left out of this equation. If you want a much cheaper variant than these two, a teaspoon of flax seeds easily substitutes a medium egg. It almost has similar nutrients profile to hemp and chia.

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