Ever wondered if you could have a tasty yet healthy festive season? Well, the impossible is now possible. With our Hemp/Sativa Powder! You might already be familiar with what Hemp/Sativa protein Powder is and its benefits. But for those still pondering upon what it is, here we go.

“So WHAT” about Hemp Powder?

Hemp Protein Powder is arguably the best plant based protein powder with 20 amino acids, including the nine essential amino acids that your body is unable to produce on its own and must obtain from dietary sources. Made from the finest of Hemp seeds, Hemp Protein Powder is not only a protein powerhouse, but it’s also inherently loaded with more healthy omega 6&3 fatty acids and fibers than any other organic protein powder.

WHY Hemp Powder?

Hemp Protein Powder packs a health punch of dietary fibre, chlorophyll, minerals and antioxidants without any saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium or sugar. You are not mistaken when we tell you that Hemp Powder associates itself with multiple health benefits. It helps in the circulation of blood, boosts metabolism, helps in de-stressing and also increases energy level and immunity. It is plant-based and a safe option to consider if you are looking for a best vegan protein powder.

With this, we hope you have got a quick peek into what Sativa Powder is and why it is beneficial.

Hemp Powder makes your festivals complete

Festivals imply that there is going to be a lot of food and fun. But Hemp Powder has got a bit of a concern here-it wants to keep you happy in a healthier way. Let us now see what exactly our best protein powder has in store for your festivals.

Hemp Protein Powder can enhance your health

With lots of sweets and savories being prepared, there is a need to stay healthy. Hemp Powder can be used as a topping (sprinkle) over the sweets and other dishes where originally there is a sprinkle of crushed sugar or artificial flavours. This helps in reducing the excess sugar content going into your body.

Adding hemp protein to your traditional dishes makes it truly nutritious, vegan and tasty. You could also have your menu filled with tall glasses of creamy delicious smoothies – the complete vegan protein shakes with our Hemp Powder.

After consuming sweets and savories, there were times when a medicine is prepared to ease out your digestion process . Ayurvedic Hemp Powder can be opted for this purpose as well. The Hemp seeds when churned produces a rich, fine, vegan oil that can be used as dressing oil.

Hemp Protein Powder Benefits

Reduces sugar cravings- the high nutrient content of Hemp Protein Powder makes it a perfect ally in the fight against the craving for unhealthy sweets. Hemp seed food products offer a healthy dose of dietary fibers, which helps regulate blood glucose. When you keep your glucose levels steady, you are unlikely to experience energy crashes and aren’t as likely to crave sugar to fill the void.

Well known for Ayurvedic purposes, this Ayurvedic hemp protein powder relieves stress and fuels both your heart and brain.

Eventually, this Plant based protein powder helps in keeping your diet healthy.

In a nutshell, you will be happy, healthy and our Hemp Powder will be your best friend all along the way, making every festival complete.

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