Before we dive straight into the topic, try and answers these questions truthfully.

  • Have you ever wanted to eat something sweet right in the middle of the day or night out of nowhere?
  • Have you suddenly felt an urge to go around looking for desserts around your house or office premises? I bet all your answers to at least one of these questions was a yes. With absolute certainty. 

Everyone, we know goes through this but have we ever taken the time to wonder why this happens and what causes it? We never have. We become simply focused on fulfilling the sugar cravings that we head straight to fridges or kitchen cabinets to free our hidden stash into our stomachs. Still, don’t you want to know? 

Now that we have gotten you curious on the subject, we are also here to tell you exactly why we do what we do. 

So why do we crave sugar? 

If you seem to notice, you crave for sugar when you freshly start a diet that is going to help you with your weight loss. This sudden dietary change with reduced meal portions, causes your body’s blood glucose levels to fluctuate. And your mind tricks you into longing for chocolates or desserts.
When you consume food with simple carbohydrates and sugar, every time it digests, you intend to go looking for more food. That is something we should avoid for the sake of your fitness goals. But who do we turn to? That’s an answer you will know if you continue reading… 

What can we do about it? 

To get past this thought process, it’s crucial for us to receive a healthy dose of dietary fibre which can seamlessly help with your crashing glucose levels. Simple carbohydrates can’t make the cut, we badly need protein and fibres to breakthrough just for your sake.
And what better food there is, than hemp- the protein powerhouse! And what better place to get it from, than Health Horizons!
Being the first in India, Health Horizons has launched natural products from the miracle plant i.e Ayurvedic hemp powder, hemp oil and hemp seeds. Plus, all three go by the name Sativa in reference to hemp’s botanical name. 

Feel full with hemp 

Replacing sugar with hemp seeds as a snack will definitely work wonders on your waistline. In addition to this, boost your immune system with protein that will resist your body from yearning snacks from time to time. Hemp protein powder can aid you in this journey as you thoughtfully take one step at a time. 

Adding hemp protein with Ayurvedic benefits to your delicious shakes and smoothies can make quite a difference to your diet chart. It enables you to stick to your diet and not stray from it. Hemp protein also packs a punch with minerals that resists the fading of the hormone endorphins which solely is responsible for letting you feel void after insufficient meals. And the main culprit in ruining your health milestones.
You might ask if adding hemp to all three meals of your day might be a bit much. That’s where you are wrong. With a regular intake quantity that is recommended to your body mass weight, hemp protein powder has no side effects whatsoever. Vegans too can procure hemp products for a better health experience as hemp is purely plant-based and gluten-free. 

Even though, it has already been established that hemp is rich in vitamins, nutrients, minerals and other PUFA’s; it has now been proven to be the best solution for your sugar cravings as well. We just keep wondering on how many more hats hemp might adorn in the coming years. Until then, let’s keep watching out for its evolution with Health Horizons. 

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