Hemp Smoothies can easily transform into your breakfast meals when you’re in hurry, getting someplace every morning. So, we want to make sure that your smoothies are healthy, filled with nutrients and vitamins that keeps you powered up through the day. From Monday to Friday, switch it up between our smoothies with your daily mood and available ingredients. These smoothies have one common ingredient: HEMP, however, in three different avatars: Sativa Hemp Seeds, Sativa Hemp oil and Sativa Hemp Protein powder. This way, you can easily eat hemp as your first meal of the day without much trouble in your kitchen.

Here’s our list of delicious smoothies and ways that you can drink smoothies with hemp for your breakfast.

For your Monday Blues: Start fresh with Blueberry Hemp Smoothie,


Blueberry hemp smoothie

Have a healthy Tuesday with Super Green Healthy Hemp Smoothie,



Motivate your Wednesday and sip on our Delicious Coffee Java Hemp Protein Shake Recipe,


Coffee-Java- Hemp-Protein- Shake-recipe

On Thursday, get ready for a throwback with your basic ingredients in Banana Hemp Smoothie Recipe,


Banana Hemp Smoothie

Gear up for the weekend with Spiced Chocolate Delicious Hemp Smoothie on a Friday,


Spiced chocolate delicious hemp smoothie

There you have it, our most recommended delicious healthy hemp recipes and smoothies ways that you can enjoy with our hemp products for your breakfast! So, which recipe was your favourite one? Tell us all about it in the comments section below.

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