Ayurvedic Sativa Oil 200ml (Hemp Seed Oil)

Ayurvedic Sativa Nubs (Hemp Seeds)

Ayurvedic Sativa Powder (Hemp Powder)


Our ancestors loved the benefits of Sativa (Hemp) and so do we, the founders of Health Horizons. We have had a long relationship with Sativa (Hemp); using its products and hence, are aware of the incredible benefits it imparts. Therefore, we decided to bring this incredible knowledge back to the people, educate them on this miracle plant, its uses and offer top of the line organic products for a more wholesome and balanced nourishment.

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Hemp Seed Chutney

Are you waiting for a different, healthy side-dish for your Dosas, Idlis, and others alike? You are at the right place. Hemp Seed Chutney is a protein-rich dish and is most popular in the regions of Uttarakhand. Taken from the Hemp Plant, the Hemp seeds provide a wide...

Hemp Jam Tart Recipe

The easy way to get some nutritious deliciousness with Hemp Jam Tarts is now here. Ingredients: Almond flour - 2 cups. White Rice flour - ½ cup. Organic Cane sugar - ½ cup. Salt - ¼ teaspoon. Coconut Oil - 10 tablespoons (at room temperature). Baking soda - 1/8...

Mini Hemp Chocolate Bars

Here’s what you’ll need to get delicious Mini Hemp Chocolate Bars from your pantry. Ingredients:   Dairy free chocolate chips - 1 ½ cups. Almond butter - 2 Teaspoons. Coconut Oil - 2 Teaspoons. Gluten-free rice cereal - ¾ cup. Ice Cube Tray - 1. Ayurvedic Hemp...