Our ancestors loved the benefits of Sativa (Hemp) and so do we, the founders of Health Horizons. We have had a long relationship with Sativa (Hemp); using its products and hence, are aware of the incredible benefits it imparts. Therefore, we decided to bring this incredible knowledge back to the people, educate them on this miracle plant, its uses and offer top of the line organic products for a more wholesome and balanced nourishment.

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Hemp oil Salad Dressing

Ever wanted to go completely green and healthy on your diet but couldn’t find that perfect dressing/topping? Here is a hemp oil salad dressing recipe using Hemp oil that can make your salad complete and delicious.   Ingredients you will need:    Hemp oil – ¼ cup ...

Raw Chocolate Hemp Seed Brownies

Here we are with a super healthy, tasty recipe. Raw chocolate hemp seed brownies is something you’ve sure got to try. Let’s get started.  Ingredients you will need: The below are the ingredients you will need for this vegan, gluten-free delicious hemp seed brownies. ...

Hemp Seed Cherry Pie Recipe

Hemp Seed Cherry Pie Ingredients:   For the pie crust: 1 cup walnuts. 1 cup hemp seeds. 1/6 cup coconut oil. 1/8 cup maple or date syrup. For the filling: 1-2 cups freshly pitted cherries.   Methods: In your food processor, pulse the walnuts and dehelled...